Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm still trying to educate myself in the world of blogs but I think I'm getting close. So in the attempt... a little post-Christmas journaling.

Despite the fact that it looks like a bomb went off in each room of the house our Christmas was wonderful. There were moments on Christmas Eve that my children had me convinced that this was indeed the longest day of the year. In fact, I almost served lunch and dinner immediately following breakfast so that we could "hurry-up" (Clayton's suggestion) and get to bed so Santa could come. And come he did-Finally! The funny thing is that it doesn't seem too long ago that I was lying awake, anxious for him to come, and now to watch it through the eyes of my children is so magical. It was such a fun day. Tunnels for Lincoln, airplanes for Jamison, Legos for Clayton, and an EZ Bake Oven for Emmy. Could you ask for more?

Tonight as we were driving home Jamison asked "Mom, can Santa come again tonight?" My exhausted "No. Thank heavens!" was probably a little harsh, but I tried to assure him that it was the wait that made Christmas so special and that we could have lots of 'good nights' in the meantime. Arriving home to the wreckage made that a true statement for him and indeed it has been a week full of 'good nights'.

We've been so blessed with some wonderful opportunities to reach outside ourselves this week-finding those that were lonely or in need of help and it has blessed us all to feel just a little more grateful for all that is ours.