Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jamison's super power

After church today Jamison's Primary teacher came up to me in the hallway, barely able to control herself between fits of laughter.
"I have a story to tell you about Jamison", she says.

Oh boy- here we go.

(teacher) "Today we were talking about the Priesthood power being restored to the earth. I asked the class if anyone knew what power had been given to Joseph Smith that helped him be able to restore the gospel to the earth. Jamison immediately raised his hand- 'I know, I know!' After I called on him, he proceeded to jump up on his chair, put his hands out in front of him like he was telling you to stop, and yelled 'The power to shoot fire from your hands!!'"

Honestly, I have no idea where this stuff comes from. Fire from your hands?!

At least he's not shy....or reverent, or quiet...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clayton's birthday

Can't believe it, but Clayton's 8! He has been totally and utterly excited for this birthday to come. Counting the days since Christmas...particularly because it meant a friend birthday party and he will be getting baptized.

(I suppose a slight tangent to explain another qualifier for the "meanest parents" award would be appropriate here. A few years ago we decided that rather than feel like we were constantly throwing our money at huge birthday parties we would set the years the kids got to have one. Year 5, 8, 12, and 16 are the years for frien
ds. The rest of the years, sadly come and go with just a family to shower gifts and attention upon them. These poor kids... Actually, it's given them something great to look forward too and our budgets a little bit of a break! It's a system we love.)

Anywhoooo...friends! 8 friends to be exact. Eight 8 year old boys. And sledding was the activity of choice. So 8, 8 year old boys on the sledding hill. If that doesn't incite fear in you, then you are braver than I.

SO, SO, SO much energy. But the boys had a great time- they all lived to tell about it- no bones or any body parts were broken- and the cake and hot cocoa was the perfect ending. Even the weather cooperated- sun came out and it warmed up to 30 or so. We all had a wonderful day and Clayton loved every minute.

The new "birthday":) suit that Clayton has been asking for forever! Doesn't he look great! Perfect fit Grandma.

And he is super excited to be a Cub Scout. Totally decked out. (Go Grammy!)

And yes, that is a finger splint that you are seeing in the pictures. Clayton had a run-in with a basketball at the church the night before his birthday. Didn't end up being too bad-just a few days splinted and he is good as new.
We loved celebrating Clayton. He is one cool kid and we love the energy he brings to our family. It feels like he is growing up so quickly. But he's such a nice, kind- GREAT boy (ok, I'm a little biased). Love you buddy!