Monday, April 19, 2010


I like change.
I do.
Change and I are friends.
Changes make me feel like I'm moving toward something--"growing", "becoming"...all good things.

And lately I've been feeling like a change was in the wings- a little restless. With the budget crisis in New York and Ben's job getting increasingly unstable we've been looking around for other possible jobs/avenues. Several of our friends have recently made a big move or career switch- sounds exciting right? And possible. And even on a much smaller scale, little changes we could make. Like a new fence. A swingset. Finish painting the rooms in the house. Hey- how about a haircut! Those were the changes that I had my mind wrapped around.

Well a change has come (as most of you know by now). And its defenitely NOT what I had in mind.
But the words of my favorite hymn have been coursing through my mind; today especially. They have given me cause to reflect and find peace.
"I loved to choose and see my path; but now, Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see the distant scene-one step enough for me."

This change is terrifying, overwhelming, intimidating, and great all at the same time. Ben will do wonderfully. I know that with certainty. And we have both felt the amazing peace and resolution that comes from knowing that this change is right and part of a plan much larger than our ability to even understand. So, we go forth and do our best to do what is asked of us. And pray to "grow" and "become" what we should.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter weekend

Our little Easter treat this year was the 85 degree weekend that blew its way into Potsdam. Of course we're now back in the 50's, but it was a WONDERFUL break from the cold and gloom and we played outside as long as we possibly could each day.
And the ever pressing Easter question: How do you eat your Peeps?
Apparently Lincoln is a head first kind of guy.