Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday morning

Last night right before bed Lincoln tripped and smacked his chin on a stool and bit a big hole in his tongue. We're talking-big hole! There was all kinds of blood and tears and pain. (We did take pictures which I will not post because they are GRUESOME!) After great debate and a phone call to Ethan we decided that since there was nothing to do for a gashed tongue we would just watch it ourselves and keep ice etc. going. But it defenitely made for a long night for Lincoln- topped with his usual early morning rising of 5:15. Why so early, I'll never know.
By about 9:30 this morning after all the morning craziness of everyone else he started to get extra crabby. I was nearing the end of sorting mounds of laundry so I just gave him his bottle hoping to get him through the last five minutes of my job until I could put him down. I guess by now he's figured out that waiting for Mom to finish can be very discouraging, so he promptly laid down and next thing I knew he was fast asleep amongst piles of dirty clothes. Now I'm just wondering if there's room for me down there and if anyone would notice if I took a quick one too!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emmy's Essay

This week Emmalyn was chosen to represent her 3rd grade class at a school assembly by reading an essay she wrote about "Tolerance and Diversity". I tried downloading the video clip of her reading but it was just too big-so a few quotes from her will have to do.
"Tolerance means accepting and Diversity means different, so together they mean accepting others that are different...You should just accept people the way they are because they can't change that they are different from could just give a friendly smile. A smile helps me when I am sad...I think people should try to be more tolerant and diverse every day."

Needless to say we were proud parents.