Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Locks of Love

Emmy started 5th grade this year which has meant all kinds of changes for her. First of all, 5th grade is Middle School here- lockers, changing teachers, after-school clubs... It has also meant that she goes to school an hour earlier than the boys, but she's been great about getting up and getting ready. She's been so excited about it all and seems to be holding it together well.

Then on top of all that Emmy decided she wanted to finally cut her hair. She's been "thinking about it" for a long time and she felt like with all these other new things she might as well change her look too. Even minutes before the haircut she still wasn't sure how much to cut off- she has loved her hair for a long time (and rightfully so-her hair is thick and soft and BLONDE-it's beautiful hair). Right at the very last minute she closed her eyes and said: "OK- let's cut enough so that I can donate it."

So she did it! 14 inches came off.

She looks absolutely adorable, and maybe even a little more grown-up too (but I'll be the last to admit it).
She's loving it. And she loved being able to donate her hair. Somehow knowing that someone else might get to enjoy it made it seem even better. I agree.
Just one question: Why does all this growing up have to happen all at once? Love you Emmy.

Summer's Last Hurrah

A few days before school started we were able to spend one last (beautiful) day together and with our friends the Francoms. We took the Francom's sail boat up onto the St. Lawrence River and sailed across the channel into Canada. It was a gorgeous sail and the kids all took turns not only learning to sail but swimming behind the boat. So fun!

Once we were there we spent the rest of the day at Upper Canada Village which is a complete town restored to the 1800's with workers re-enacting and working the village. (It's actually the place where the church films many of their historic movies now.)
It was such a great day. The kids loved it-we all loved it!
Thanks Jeff and Kelly!

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

School finally started here and the kids were SHAKING with excitement... up at 6:00 am, dressed by 6:10 and READY for the day. It was a long wait till 8:30.

(Can you tell it was a bit of a rough day for Lincoln. Everybody gone, all day- Mom was not nearly exciting enough, but we'll get through.)

Clayton's off to 2nd grade in Mrs. Livernois.

And Jamison into Kindergarten with Mrs. Varney. Incidentally, he informed me after the 1st day that he was "totally NOT excited about nap time" but he would do it because "Kindergarten was pretty cool."