Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprise! (with the right video finally!)

For those that have notice my obsession with all things food, my need for a daily nap, and the overall "chubby-ness" that has set-in...perhaps this video will be the best explanation.

First of all...apologies for the uncontrolled shaking!  I simply could NOT stop laughing- the kids' response was not what we expected at all and I was in stitches.
But yes! Pykles Baby #5 is on its way- set to arrive in late October.  We had Lincoln be the messenger with a T-shirt that said "I'm gonna be a big brother", but as you can see it took awhile for the message to actually sink in. We know this comes as a  bit of a surprise for most who know us, and for us in a way as well.  It has been quite the journey to get here, but a journey for which we are truly grateful.  I hope that I will share more in the days to come. For now- we are excited, anxious, a bit scared and overwhelmed, but most of all thankful for this blessing in our lives.