Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wearing a new hat

Tonight was the first night of T-Ball for the boys and everyone was so excited. Jamison asked me all day long if it was time for baseball yet. About 30 min. before practice Ben called and let me know he would not be able to come home because of some things that had come up at work, so I tightened my bootstraps and prepared myself for a night of running back and forth between 2 different fields. It happens-no biggie. Ha.
When we got there I sent Emmy and Clayton to find out which team he was on and wait for instructions of where to go while I helped Jamison find his team and get settled. Just as I was walking Jamison to his team I see Emmy and Clayton running toward me yelling something and completely white-faced. When they were finally within earshot I hear them yelling, "MOM-you're the coach, you're the coach!" WHAT! Convinced that there was no possible way that I could be the coach since I had only signed up to be a parent volunteer at the concession stand, I got Jamison settled, left him with another parent-friend, and went to figure things out. As we approached the office I hear the guy in charge yelling..."and here's your coach Orange team, Mr. and Mrs. Pykles (read Mrs. Pickles of course)". Again, WHAT!! 10 little kids, mitts in hand, parents at their side all turn around to find...ME. It was one of those "fight or flight" moments and since the team stood between me and my car I decided it was time to put on the coach hat and coach some baseball. WHAT!!! I quickly sent Emmy to go watch Jamison play for the rest of the night and with little Lincoln on my hip I led 10 6 year olds out to the field for our first practice. 50 minutes later I sent them all home with a team yell and smiling faces and wondered how in the world I had ever pulled that off. But I had.
And they will be back next week expecting Mr. and Mrs. Pickles to coach them again. But this time WE'LL be ready (hopefully).
Lesson learned- NEVER,EVER,EVER check the concession volunteer box. Apparently because no one else checks anything, here in Potsdam it's code for COACH. And they don't even let you know beforehand so as not to spoil the secret code.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter day. The YSA's were with us for the day and the kids love that.

Big smiles=large amounts of sugar

It only took 1 or 2 eggs for Lincoln to figure this whole Easter thing out: find the egg, shake it to see if it's got the goods, throw the egg on the floor to get to the goods, eat the candy as fast as you possible can, find another EGG!
I guess hidden chocolate could lead me to tearing the house apart too!