Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday the kids were home on a snow day- ok, cold day. It was 35 degrees BELOW zero! A little bit of a hazard for kids to stand at the bus stop.
So, in light of feeling like we live in the coldest place on earth, we've decided to start keeping track of how many days in the winter we are actually colder than Antarctica.
So far... Antarctica=0, Potsdam=1.

On a lighter note, Lincoln has taken up singing lately. He can often be found walking around the house singing a "Lincoln" song. Lyrics by Lincoln. Tune by Lincoln. They are awesome.
This morning the song sounded something like this:

"I love Clayton, I love Jamison, I love Emmy, I love Abby (his horse), I love George (his other horse), I love Daddy, I love Mommy, I love Buzz, and I LOOOOVE (top of the lungs for full dramatic effect)..... Myself!!"

We love you too buddy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January update

Despite what it looks like- we did not skip Christmas at the Pykles' house. In fact, my favorite present-our new camera!- currently holds all the evidence of the wonderful Christmas that we had. I just have to figure out how to get it all off...Hmmm.

It got WARM here for a couple days around New Years so we headed outside- at least the boys did with Ben. Emmy was the last to take her turn with the stomach flu, which made a clean sweep through the house for the holidays. Fun!
Plus some first teeth lost for Jamison. He's always looking for a way to get one step ahead and 2 teeth at once doubles your return from the tooth fairy.
And- Lincoln's first "shiner". (Oh trust me-there will be more.)
As for "Dumb Head"? I hardly know how to make excuses any more- I just blame everything I possible can on 2 older brothers!!