Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lincoln's 3rd Birthday

Lincoln came to our family in the middle of a snow storm so I suppose it's only appropriate that his 3rd birthday started at 20 degrees below zero! BRRRRR!! You can see the cold...
We had a really fun day celebrating Lincoln. This little is boy is so full of LIFE! Everything is exciting, everything is an adventure, everything deserves full energy, and everything great gets a "THWEET!" (sweet) from Lincoln.
Yep- the horse cake got a great big "THWEET!"
His horse obsession continues, but he is also branching out to a new fixation with Buzz Lightyear- and actually if you just put Buzz on a horse then you have the happiest 3 year old on the planet.

Most days I'm pretty sure that Lincoln could raise himself. He is the most independent, determined little boy. He potty trained himself-let me know when he was ready. He's been dressing himself for months and can have a full conversation with anyone who will stop to listen. He keeps up with us all and always has a smile or giggle to stop us in our tracks for a hug.
The older he gets the more sure I am that he came because we need him- he is so loved by us all. Happy Birthday buddy!