Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah-blue frosting!

Ok-so I'm paying for the blue frosting choice! A cute mess,right? It all looked so innocent and was Yummy!
But, oh man-you should have seen the diaper this morning. I'll spare the details and just sum it up in one word-BLUE!!!
(And whoa, what's up with the Mommy voice? Not my favorite.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clayton turns 6!

Clayton turned 6 this week! We had a fun day doing presents, visiting his classroom with cupcakes and stories, and eating a Batman cake which had loads of BLUE frosting. (It was probably bought against my better judgement, but I suppose Mom's do funny things in the reduced bakery around birthdays.) The best part was that Clayton thought it was the coolest thing ever and since blue frosting never killed anyone then Mom earned a few, much needed, "cool Mom" points for the day.

It's great to watch Clayton growing up becoming such a great little person. We've defenitely had our ups and downs this year but having a day to focus on just him and all that we love about him was just what we needed.

A few things I love about Clayton:
*I love his energy. *I love that he is so capable and smart. *I love his natural abilities.*I love his ability to be friends with anyone. *I love his imagination. *I love his sound affects. *I love that he is his brother's best friend and playmate.*I love that he has brown hair. *I love how excited he gets when something new is in the air. *I love to watch him overcome his fears. *I love his compassion and concern for others. *I love that he always has a hug for his baby brother when he comes home from school. *I love that he sleeps with the covers over his head. *I love that he loves to be home and with his family MOST of all.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Favorite Quotes of the week

Jamison: ...while playing Legos: "Hey, where are the destructions?"

Clayton: ...after taking a big fall onto his knees: "Mom, I think I'm going to need to be crippled."

Emmalyn: "Mom, there's ice on the inside of the windows and it's -15 degrees outside this morning. Did you know that we're close to the same temperature that they only have in the Artic?" (Ah-the North Country)

Jamison: "I miss Dad."

Clayton: "I miss Dad."

Emmalyn: "I miss Dad."

Mom: "ME TOO!!" (Ben's been out of town this week-Toronto-for a conference. We miss him.) Hey-maybe this is the secret to being the favorite parent. Leave everyone once in awhile so you actually give the kids a chance to miss you. I should try it.

Lincoln: UH-OH! (I think it can't be a good sign that this is only the second word he knows. We could be in for it. Oh wait, I have 3 boys-I'm in for it.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowshoe Adventure

We were able to take the kids snowshoeing on Saturday in the Adirondacks. It was a beautiful day with a fresh snow and the kids had a great time. Our guide was teaching them how to track snowshoe hares and they loved being animal detectives. When we were done we headed over to Lake Placid and took a tour of the Olympic Training Center-it was very cool and the kids are convinced that the bobsled is the new best was to go sliding.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Little Enterprisers

So today it warmed up enough to start snowing again and in a desperate attempt to fill a few more "vacation" minutes I sent the boys outside to play in snow. Of course I kept myself busy inside and was amazed at how well they were playing and not even knocking once on the door to tell me they had snow down their boots. After about 30 minutes passed (very quickly!) I was getting very curious as to what was keeping them so entertained-(I could hear them on the side of the house and knew all was well but hadn't ventured outside myself to see). About that time they came stomping up the back steps- snow shovels in hand, appearing to be VERY proud of themselves. Here's what followed:
Clayton: "Hey mom. Guess what? We shoveled the WHOLE driveway for you!"
Mom: (shocked) "Wow! You did that all by yourselves! And you did that without me asking? (even more shocked)
Jamison: "Yeah, yeah! All by ourselves."
Mom: More "wow's".
Clayton: "Yeah, so Mom, where's our money?"
Mom:(a little puzzled, but slowly clueing into their sudden burst of helpfulness) "What money?"
Clayton: "You have to pay us...just like you pay the guy that comes and plows it with his truck! So how much do we get?"
Jamison: "Yeah, yeah. Clayton said that if I didn't work then I didn't get money, so where's my money mom?"

So needless to say after I "checked" their shoveling job (which was actually just a lot of pushing the snow around to different spots on the driveway,but a great effort for a 5 and 3 year old) I ponied up and gave them each 1 dollar! Best deal I ever got on my driveway-and THEY were thrilled.