Thursday, November 19, 2009

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It was 65 degrees TODAY in the North Country. As soon as I figured that the thermometer wasn't broken I threw jackets on the boys (which they promptly threw off...because it was so HOT!) and headed outside. I finally got all the leaves and dead plants cleaned out of all my flower beds and the yard mostly ready for snow-cause I know it's coming. Jamison and Lincoln ate lunch out on the trampoline and Jamison suggested that after school we should all go to the beach. Oh, I love my little North Country kids that think 65 is balmy!!
It felt SO good to be outside and to be warm again. And it was just what I needed since I have procrastinated the yard work for too long. Thank Mother Nature for throwing this "yard work procrastinator" a line.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !
(Ben and I got a good laugh from the fact that the carved pumpkins seemed to be a perfect representation of their creators.)

A pirate, a ninja, a knight in shining armor, and Nancy Drew (plus a few extras). As you can tell-it was COLD- and the kids were sure that I was the meanest mom on the block making them put so many clothes on-it made their costumes "all puffy". But considering the fact that the flu is currently making it's sweep through our house I felt pretty generous in letting them go out at all- I think more like, nicest mom! They had a great time.