Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beginning,Between,and End

Life moves fast. Very fast. Here I sit at the end of the first week of school and wonder how these days..
came and went so quickly.
In all our reality our summer was very short because of the move. In New York school ends at the end of June and begins the 2nd week of September. Here in Utah by the end of June they've already been out a month, so starting at end of August really snuck up on us. However, the kids were VERY anxious to begin this year and finally start meeting people! And met them they have.
Great 1st day of school (don't they just look so grown up- aaahhh!)

Great kids, great teachers, and what seems like a very good school. I especially love that they all leave the house together, walk up the street 1 block to the cross walk, cross the street and walk straight into the school field. It is the best!
And we are slowly getting settled in our house, although at the moment it feels a little like a demolition site. Someday...SOMEDAY I will post "before" and "after" pictures, but for now we are endlessly stuck in that "between" stage where every project is begun but waiting for just a few more things to finish. And those few finishing touches never seem to come because in the meantime something new has unraveled and created a new project. Ah! the joys of home improvement and updating. Despite this, we are getting close on the big things and looking forward to maybe hanging a picture or two.
Lots of new beginnings in our future and that makes us all excited.