Sunday, March 28, 2010

Minivan upgrades

...just in case you didn't know (like me) that it's possible to lock your car doors with the keys still in the ignition and the car running- it is!

Friday afternoon we went to pick up Emmy from a friend's house and I left the 3 boys in the running car while I ran up to the door to get her.

Harmless right?

If I've done it once I've done it a hundred times. At least as many times as I've said to the boys "Don't get out of your seat belts. I'll just be one minute." But apparently most directions I'm giving to my kids these days are just suggestions- only to be followed if they FEEL like it (it almost has me crazy!). Anyhow- this time the boys decided to not only get out of their seat belts but to also get out of the car and run up and join me on the neighbor's doorstep. I immediately sent them back to the car and continued trying to hurry Emmalyn. When they appeared at my leg just 2 seconds later I was ready to pounce. This time, however, they were not laughing and giggling, instead looking like they knew they were in big trouble. That's when we discovered the doors locked, keys in the ignition, car still running, and Lincoln inside completely freaking out because he was left out of the fun.

"How did this happen?" was what I said as calmly as I could, but what I really wanted to scream was, "Could we possibly be anymore of a freak show!"...and "HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?".

And my boys response?... "We didn't want Lincoln to get taken by any bad guys while we did the wrong thing and got out, so we locked the doors when we got out."
Hmmm- how do argue with that?

You don't. Lesson learned by all.

And I didn't.

We just called Dad to walk home from work with his keys to let us in and Lincoln out. And we spent the next 10 min. making silly faces through the window at Lincoln who thought we were hilarious.

Hey Honda- I have a suggestion for an upgrade on your vans...

Baby Powder Anyone?

You would think that the internal alarm would go off a lot earlier having already had three 2 year olds- guess not. And in my defense, it was precisely because the house was very quiet-too quiet, that I was a little distracted.

Who knew that baby powder stuck to everything it touched? Not I.

The positive spin on experiencing a 2 year old for the fourth time is that we've finally relaxed enough to get a real good laugh out of it all. He's keeping us on our toes.