Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreams for the future

This was the conversation on the way to school this morning. I'm still laughing!

Ben: "Hey guys, look at those cool construction vehicles. That would be a cool job to do wouldn't it?"

Jamison: "Um sorry dad, but I'm going to be a circus clown when I grow up."

Ben: "A what?"

Jamison: "A circus clown!"

Ben: "Wow. A circus clown. When did you decide that?"

Jamison: "Last night. It's pretty much the most awesome job ever!"

Lincoln: " Me too, me too!"

At least they have ambitions!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life's Curve Balls

I'll admit it- I'm a planner. I LOVE having a plan. I love knowing what is ahead of me. I enjoy preventing too much unexpected and feeling prepared. I know- it seems a little less than adventurous, but I am working on it! Apparently there seems to be higher powers that also had some tweeking and work in mind for me as well.

By defenition: a "curve ball" is a pitch delivered, intending to take someone by surprise, with a spin that cause the ball to veer from a normal, straight path.
Life has once again presented us with a big deviation- a "curve ball" if you will.

A few months ago Ben was approached by the Church History Department (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) to join their Historic Sites Team. A huge shift in his career, a big move and change for our family, and NOT in the current plan! Consequently-lots of anxiety on my part.

The last few months have been a time of deep searching for us. Searching for direction, searching for the right thing to do, searching for advice, searching for clear answers, and searching for peace. Gratefully those answers have come, much peace has come and we are about to head out on another...adventure! We feel very blessed and find much comfort in knowing that even though it wasn't in our plan, it is part of some plan. And following that plan is what we have to do.

So, the new plan?

We're moving to Salt Lake City at the end of June! Ben has accepted the job and is getting very excited about it all. We're all getting excited. It will be a big change but we're trusting a good one.

Look at me being adventurous!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clayton's baptism

Clayton got baptized this last weekend. It was a wonderful day and we were so glad that BOTH sets of grandparents made the long journey to be with us. Many, many thanks!!
Congrats Clayton- you look amazing! We love you!