Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lincoln turns 2/aka...(Doo)

Happy Birthday Lincoln!
We had a great day celebrating Lincoln. It's so fun to watch him start to understand this whole birthday thing. He was so excited to open each present and got very good at "Mine!","Mine!" He's defenitely 2- and defenitely a quick learner in a house full of older siblings.

Lincoln loves animals and knows them all. He is fascinated by books or pictures of animals, but his favorite animal-hands down- is a horse. He's been saying "horse" for months now. So when we asked him what he wanted his birthday cake to be he promptly answered, "HORSE!" Of course. Thus the funny green cake, the awful attempt at a fence, and every plastic horse in the house. He LOVED it! Me, not so much, but he was one happy boy.
Here he is with his own little MP3 player-complete with headphones. Such a fun gift!
Funny little jumper... (this was hop-scotch on Thanksgiving day)

and bustin' a move- Hilarious!

One of the traditions in our house is that at breakfast on the morning of someone's birthday we all take turns going around the table saying what we love most about that person. It's one of my favorite little traditions-I hope it sticks. As we went around the table for Lincoln this year the comments were unanimous- "I love Lincoln because he can always make me happy." This is absolutely so true. Lincoln was sent to our family to keep us happy- to make us smile- to keep things light- and to always remind us that there are so many things to be happy about. He's our little happy gift. And for me, he reminds me every day that there is a higher plan for each of our lives and that the higher plan is ALWAYS better.
We love our little Lincoln.