Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bloody Guy

A recent Sunday conversation at the Pykles' dinner table:

Mom: "So Lincoln, tell me what you learned in your class today."

Lincoln:"Mom! It was so cool! Today we talked about that story about that bloody guy."

Mom: "Bloody guy?" (he's got my full attention now)

Lincoln: "Yeah, you know mom, the story where the guy gets all bloody and punched up and then falls on the side of the road. And then there is one guy who just walks right past him. And another big guy who goes clear to the other side of the road. And then there is this nice guy who brings him bandaids and helps him clean up all his blood. And then mom, the BEST part. Then... then they go to a HOTEL! I love that story mom!"

Mom: "Ah, the bloody guy story. Sometimes we call the Good Samaritan, but you did a good job remembering the whole story."

Lincoln: "Yeah, I really love it."

Mom: "Me too buddy. Me too." (I think I especially like it when you tell it.)


Andrea said...

That is so adorable. :)

Jill said...

That would be Lincoln :D Gotta love that kid!!